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Speaking is about being heard, communication is about being understood.


My new online course, The 5 in 5 Ultimate Trainer Program, gives you the tools you need to become a more effective communicator and change people’s lives – especially your own. With five week-long modules containing 30 video lessons, featuring hours of instruction through video, audio, notes, worksheets, and homework – all fully downloadable – your future is at your fingertips.

With the 5 in 5 Ultimate Trainer Program, I’ve created a multi-media course that takes you through becoming the speaker you want to be – and more! In five modules, I’ll guide you through it all, from figuring out who your audience is and what they want, through getting your message out, and finally making those all-important conversions. You’ll…

…become a CONFIDENT and EFFECTIVE presenter …UNDERSTAND what your audience wants and needs …KNOW where to begin …develop the skills to create an ORGANIZED program And, finally, be able to make the CONVERSIONS to change people’s lives!

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