improving customer service through better communicationCommunication is the basis of all relationship. Be it personal or professional, you cannot do without healthy and effective communication. When it comes to business, communication becomes even more important. It is the foundation of creating strong, profitable customer relationships. In my next series of blog posts, I want to share with you five effective customer relationship strategies that are  crucial to the survival of your business.

I have have run several small businesses of my own and the biggest thing I have learned is that many people miss how important it is to have great communication with their customer base. In this day and age people have a lot of choices. They can go anywhere. They can be with anyone. They can price shop. They can go online.  It’s so easy for them to shop internationally around the country and around the world. Because of these factors it is important for you, the small business owner, to ask, “What is it that’s going to make me and my business stand out dramatically from my competition?” The answer lies in the quality and the consistency of your communication with your customer base and the relationships you build with them.

It is important to let them know that you understand what their needs are and how you’re going to help them. Create a relationship with them wherein they want to be with you because they feel that you understand their needs and what you can do for them. Because of the strong relationship you build, they will then choose to use your services even though they have a whole host of choices available to them. That’s why communication is so important.

Coming up I will talk about the five basic skills that I feel small businesses have to have. These five strategies will make a big difference in your bottom line as a business and your ability to serve your customer base effectively.