Corporate & Team Coaching

Is your team operating at its best?


As a manager, you want your team to have its goals in mind and work in harmony to achieve those goals. If you’re not 100% satisfied that your team is 100% on the ball, Team Coaching will help you get there. Dr. Dennis can help your smart, capable team become a smart, capable cohesive team that produces great results.

Dr. Dennis’s Team Coaching can help your team:

  • Communicate effectively with each other
  • Get at your particular challenges
  • Discover your strengths
  • Build your working dynamics
  • Pinpoint goals
  • Find the strengths in diversity
  • Encourage individual initiative that supports the common goal
  • Increase accountability
  • And, most of all, motivate and engage your team for maximum performance

Unleash the human potential of your team

Team Coaching is an excellent way to help a group of smart, talented individuals become a team that excels. It combines coaching, facilitation and, if appropriate, learning critical skills.

The groups Dennis works with have found his Team Coaching to be extremely valuable. His clients have reported stronger results within teams, as well as the infectious spread of positive habits and ideas throughout organizations. When teams return from working with Dennis, they benefit, their colleagues benefit, and their customers benefit. All of which means their companies benefit.


What Clients Say

Your organization will come away Inspired...

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