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The biggest obstacle to success is the inability to create new habits. Working with Dr. Dennis, you’ll learn and practice the proven keys to change your thoughts and take the positive actions necessary to reach your goals.

After working with Dennis, you will

  • Understand how to adapt your approach to maximize your effectiveness as a leader
  • Develop the ability to provide effective feedback to colleagues, staff, and senior figures in your workplace
  • Diagnose what you need to do to continually improve your leadership skills
  • Work better with the full range of people you encounter every day

Prioritize what’s important for you and your constituents

Practical skills, presented positively

Dennis Cummins has a long track record of helping seasoned executives, rising leaders, and team members alike to develop the skills they need to take their organizations to the next level. His engaging, proven methods meet you where you are, identify where you want to be, and teach you the tools you need to get there.

Intensive 1:1 coaching means that Dennis is able to develop a deep understanding of your goals, strengths, and challenges. That understanding allows him to focus his coaching on the areas and methods that are most effective for his clients. The proof is in his enthusiastically satisfied clients:

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