Dr. Dennis Cummins - Keynote Speaker

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Effective sales and communication are essential for any company's success. Clear and persuasive communication can help build strong relationships with customers and employees, and sales strategies can drive revenue growth and help organizations achieve their business goals.

By investing in these critical areas, companies can improve their competitive positioning, build a stronger brand reputation, and ultimately, achieve long-term success.

A Keynote that delivers

If you’re looking for the perfect keynote speaker to open, close or host your corporate sales meeting or association conference you’ve come to the right place.

“Dennis doesn’t just deliver a keynote… He delivers an experience!”

Thought provoking. Honest. Engaging. Serious. Seriously Funny.

Are you looking for a dynamic keynote speaker with the ability to motivate your audience and provide actionable insights on sales and communication? Look no further than Dr. Dennis Cummins.

With his extensive experience and expertise in these areas, Dennis has established himself as a sought-after speaker for events of all sizes and industries.

His engaging and energetic speaking style, coupled with his ability to distill complex concepts into practical, easy-to-implement strategies, has consistently earned him top ratings at major conferences.

Book Dennis for your next event and give your audience the tools and motivation they need to succeed.


What Clients Say

  • Dennis is a phenomenal speaker and trainer. What he shares is so important and valuable that everyone should hear it. Thank you for this great experience.

    William Bezmen PhD., RN, CS, CH Director Pathways to Health
  • “We won the lottery with Dennis Cummins! Best Speaker we've ever had!”

  • Hiring Dennis was a considerable commitment for me, but now that I totally nailed my talk and became a top-rated speaker, I am beyond thrilled that I took the chance.

    Kelly Coffey Strong Coffey
  • Dennis is so authentic and warm and funny and has that rare ability to connect to an audience and draw them in immediately.

    Jennifer Puterbaugh CapSource
  • Dennis Cummins is an outstanding speaker. I have worked with over 400 speakers and I would hire Dennis again and again.

    Mary Glorfield New Peaks LLC
  • The first time I heard Dennis speak my jaw dropped to the ground. His ability to command a room, garner people’s attention and thus change lives is astounding!

    Sebastian Urbanczyk CEO Sebanic Inc.
  • I have had the privilege of working with many of the finest Professional Trainers and Motivational Speakers on the planet. The best of the best have a special intangible quality that separates them from the rest of the crowd. Dennis Cummins has that quality.

    T. Harv Eker Founder Peak Potentials Training Best Selling Author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
"Dennis is a master at showing clients how to deliver their message in a way that is honest, authentic, compelling and drives the audience to take action." - Kelly O’Neil- Creator of Profit-ology™

If you are interested in checking Dennis’ availability or booking Dennis, please contact the office.