achieveI can achieve my goals

The first step towards achieving your goals is to believe in yourself.  Taking a positive attitude to reaching your personal targets will bring them a step closer. By refusing to let apparent obstacles or barriers stop you from starting on a journey towards happiness and fulfillment you are already half way there.  Once you have decided that you can achieve something there are a few steps you can take to make the journey easier and increase your chances of succeeding.


Identify the goals you most want to achieve and start with those.  By prioritizing your ambitions you minimize the chances of getting overwhelmed by the task ahead and ensure you focus on the important matters first.  Try not to get over excited and take on too many things at once or expect huge success quickly.  Be patient and be prepared to tackle the challenge in small steps.  Pace yourself and try not to pour all your energy and enthusiasm into the first stages, as you may run out of steam further down he road.  However take care that being patient and calm in your approach does not encourage a tendency to procrastinate.  Remind yourself not to put things off if they can be tackled today and if you give yourself a break for a day make sure you pick things up the following day before you find you have taken too much time out and lost momentum.


Try to keep your focus and not be distracted by self doubt or other easier tasks.  To help maintain the necessary concentration on the task at hand have an incentive for completion at each step of the process.  Remember to reward yourself for any achievements or completed steps, have something to show for each stage and celebrate it.  When your energy, enthusiasm and concentration are waning get support from the people around you.  Make public statements about your intentions and use other people’s enthusiasm to build on your own.  Once you have committed to achieving something publicly the pressure from people around you can spur you on, however take care not to let it overwhelm you.


To reach your goals and enjoy the success and happiness that comes from achievement takes tenacity.  This is where being stubborn can be a very useful, rather than negative, trait.  If you can keep going and not let small obstacles stop you then you have the ability to overcome any barriers, even those that may be perceived as too big to conquer, along the way.  Keep reminding yourself of what it is that you want, how far you have come and what the benefits will be once you have achieved your goals.  Sometimes the end point does not look exactly as you imagined when you set out, however the experience and what you have learned along the way will be enormously useful and empowering.  People who are happy and positive about life are often those that can take a bad situation and turn it into a positive one.  If the journey towards your goals takes you into unexpected territory then simply change your reference points and move on.  Happiness is not always where you expect to find it but by enjoying the journey you will be most of the way there.