The 6 Ps of Success


(click here to read the first “P” – passion)

Consider the 6 Ps to be a car on a journey: The first two, Passion and Purpose are the fuel. You filled it with high-octane gas and decided on a destination. The next two, Preparation and Presentation, are about the car itself and your pre trip to-do list. Check the engine oil and the wipers, verify the tire pressure, print out the directions, pack some snacks for the trip, and take it for a car wash so it looks great for the trip.

The 5th P, Promotion, is where the rubber meets the road.

This is the part where you get to tell the world just how awesome you are. The entire time you are speaking and teaching you are letting people know that YOU GOT SKILLS. Your presentation should convey your value and talents.

In all my years of teaching people to speak and sell from the stage this is the part where they start to struggle the most. Here is what they tell me…

“I don’t want to boast.”

“What if they think I’m arrogant or conceited.”

“I’m uncomfortable talking about myself.”

And last but definitely not least,

“What if they think I’m just trying to sell them something.”

I believe that Promotion is a byproduct of self-belief. That is why it’s so important in the beginning to know WHY you are doing it (the passion and purpose) and then get proficient HOW you do it (the preparation and presentation). With those first pieces firmly in place self-promotion becomes the natural path to follow.

For speakers, authors and entrepreneurs, this is what we do this for. Our purpose should be to motivate and inspire our audiences to take action, to move forward in some way and to improve their lives. In order for that to happen you MUST be able to self-promote your product, service or talent.

Just like any new skill, promotion can be awkward at first but it is a critical step in the presentation process.

Here are 4 basics steps to keep in mind in order to promote effectively:

  • Create and deliver value;
  • Illustrate the problem or challenge that your audience may have;
  • Explain how you or your product can help resolve that problem;
  • Offer the solution.

Though the steps are simple, their execution requires preparation and practice.

I have been told that one of my greatest talents is helping other speakers learn to become natural and comfortable at promotion. If you would like my help,

Join me live in Las Vegas on September 17-18 to learn my Secrets of the Stage.