The 6 Ps of Success


(click here to read the first “P” – passion)

Its been said that you cant judge a book by its cover, but…

If you had to choose, which one of these books would you be more likely to buy?



98% of the people I’ve asked picked the one on the right.

The fact of the matter is that we judge things by the their covers all the time. That is not true for just books; it is true for everything.

Think about any Apple product you have ever purchased. Even if you are a PC person, you have to admit that the packaging is superb; those high-quality white boxes with every item perfectly fitted inside. The packaging creates an expectation about what’s inside. It says you can also expect what’s inside to be classy, neat, functional, efficient and perfect.

In short:

Presentation MATTERS

I have always said that passion is more important than polish. I stand by that belief. However, combining passion with the ability to competently and confidently present your product or service is the winning combination.

This is critical to understand for anyone with a product, service or talent to promote. It is especially true for speakers, authors and entrepreneurs.

There are lots of ways to present yourself or your service, but in over 30 years of business experience I have never found any way better than by actually talking to people and teaching them what you do and how it can help them.

That means…wait for it…

Public Speaking.

Yeah, yeah. I know… You would rather do almost anything else but public speaking.

Public speaking is one of the top listed fears. Some lists even put it #1 (FYI- spiders and snakes usually top those lists).

The truth of the matter though is that no one is afraid of public speaking. You all speak in public every single day, at work, with your friends, etc. What most people are actually afraid of is “Looking Foolish” while public speaking.  While I understand this phobia, there is a simple solution for overcoming it.

Learn and Practice.

People aren’t born great speakers, they learn how to be great, and so can you. Speaking is a learnable skill. With the right teacher, some simple guidelines to follow, and plenty of practice I believe anyone can be a terrific presenter.

Combine a great product or service with passion and the ability to present it with excellence and you will become unstoppable.

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