Business today

Every year the pressure on businesses grows, there are so many areas which can impact on the profitability and sustainability of a company. Financial pressures from global economic changes or the local commercial climate affect all businesses. Competition from overseas is growing, access to cheaper labor, the internet and globally sources services are squeezing everyone in the commercial world, even the established giants of business. With consumer demands for better quality products, delivered at a more competitive price, without harming society or the environment, the modern business needs to find ways to keep customers interested and stay ahead of the competition. This is where communication skills come in and a business with good communicators can become a truly great enterprise, no matter how big or small. Good, open corporate communicators are the answer to how business can succeed in the 21st Century.

Good communicators make a difference.

It is essential for efficient, customer focused delivery that a business’ workforce is full of good communicators. This enables them to communicate effectively internally, minimizing opportunities for mistakes, conflict or inefficiency. It is also important that communications with customers, suppliers and industry regulators are handled well. A business’ reputation is one of the most valuable things it has. If the organization has great communicators at every level there is far less chance of lost time resolving conflicts, lost production due to mistakes and misunderstandings or lost opportunities due to a lack of discussion of issues and ideas.

Learn from your communications

Communication channels with customers should also help to define the business’ path forward and identify issues management should be focusing on. It is unnecessary to spend money on market research or trend analysis if there is a clear two way dialogue with your customers. This will show the business what the customers think about your service or product, the kinds of products they are generally interested in, the level of service they expect and the price they are prepared to pay. Talking to customers gives a business the most important intelligence it needs, therefore communication channels need to be open, frequently used and constructed in such a way that all parties can share information and listen to one another.

Good communicators build good relationships

Dealing with other organizations, whether they are suppliers, government departments, local commercial interest groups or industry associations should also be carried out by good communicators to get the best out of those external relationships. If changes are ahead, solutions need to be found or good ideas shared, it is essential to have established methods of communication in place with all external parties managed by people who understand the importance of good relationships and interactions.

What makes a good communicator?

There are many sources of information on what makes a good communicator. Essentially communication should always be two-way involving listening as well as talking. For more information about how to become a good communicator and how this could help your career take a look at some of the earlier blog posts for ideas or contact me about coaching or training opportunities.