communicationThe fourth strategy: Communication. We live in a time of instant gratification. People can go online, type in something on their computer, and the results are up in an instant. Communication is very important but it needs to be done promptly. It is important to get back to people in a reasonable time frame. When people call you, get back to them within a few hours or a day as the latest. If it’s an e-mail, absolutely within a day to two days maximum. People want to know that you’re attentive to their needs. People will start to associate your quick response to their communications with your quick response to their needs and that’s a great association for them to make; a great reputation to have. That’s the kind of communication that you want to have. It’s not really a verbal communication per se, but it’s going to create the impression that you’re in tune with their needs. It is important that you show that you are in tune with their desire for a response and that you are there to deliver to them quickly and efficiently. If you can communicate and connect efficiently and effectively with your clients with an e-mail or with a phone call, then you can show that you are in tune with them and their needs.