customer relationship

My final strategy is one of the most important ones:

Let them know that they’re special. Let them know that you appreciate them coming to you. As I said earlier, there are thousands of choices available to people in our world today. With just a couple of strokes on a keyboard and a few clicks of mouse, people can shop anywhere in the world instantly.

Why should they come to you? Well, if you’ve been communicating in the way I recommended in my previous posts, you know that communication is really important. But besides that, you also want to let them know that you’re grateful for them being there and that you appreciate them trusting in you, being willing to be part of your business, and being willing to help you grow.

There’s a great expression: “Reward the behavior you desire.” Reward your customers for doing the things you want them to do. If they’re shopping with you, you want to reward them. That reward could just be a letter that you write and send out. For the people who are reading this that are small businesses, I love handwritten letters in your own handwriting. A personal note that says, “Hey, thanks for shopping with us the other day, I’m glad you like that.” For people who have larger businesses, that’s not practical and then an e-mail version or some type of a mail system that can generate letters for you is great. But let them know that you appreciate them. And I’m not talking about a follow up letter to sell them more stuff. I’m talking about a letter or a note or a call or something just to let them know that you’re glad they’re part of your business; that you’re glad that you had the chance to serve them.

If you put all of these five communication and customer relationship building strategies in place in any existing business system, your business will do better, your customer loyalty will increase, your profits will increase, and you’ll be able to serve more people. A win-win for all around!