Goal settingThere are many very real reasons for setting goals, and achieving these. Goal setting encourages an empowered life, filled with a sense of purpose. This practice is relevant for people who are looking to overcome stress or anxiety, improve relationships, family dynamics, increase wealth, inspire a better career, or quite simply rediscover themselves.

Goal setting can be used by those who are experiencing feelings of loss, sadness, guilt, relationship challenges, or depression. Dissolving these negative emotions is great for relieving stress.  Fundamentally the setting of goals is not only for people with careers, it is for everyone – we all find ourselves in all types of every-day situations that we would like to change.

Understanding how the human mind works, and setting targets and goals, can create “fail-proof” personalities. It pays here to remember that failure is not one single cataclysmic event, but simply making the same mistakes time and again. Much like the famous Einstein quote defining insanity  ~ “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!” Understanding how to recognize mistakes, and learn from these is useful to transform perceptions, approach, and attitudes towards life.

Many people have set goals at some point in their lives. These are generally set down to achieve some sort of clarity. However, there is still often a problem – the variance between setting goals and physically achieving them! This variance is often due to the fact that people know more about what they don’t want, and all too rarely what they do want. This phenomenon places the objective -setter at effect rather than at cause.  Much like New Years’ Resolutions don’t work – they are wishful thinking, as opposed to predefined objectives.

While it may be a challenge for some to find out what they truly want, the challenge is worthwhile. It is a ton of fun to discover, and clarify what we really want out of the time we spend on this Earth. There are many life-transforming tools available, but one of the most important things we can realize is – that change is possible, and we are able to become whom, and whatever we want to create.

Life transformation tools teach us how to set targets, and goals, and follow them through. Fundamental goal setting techniques include, making intentions easily achievable, and breaking them down into various steps. For example:-

  1. Asking what we want to achieve
  2. How are we going to get there
  3. Writing it down
  4. Making sure it sticks
  5. Doing at least one thing a day to get nearer to identified goals

Identifying goals is probably the easiest part, where health, wealth, relationships, and happiness almost always rule.  How to get there needs to be broken down, and is a little difficult to confront, so, concrete steps need to apply. Keep it simple by planning a route from A – B. Start at the end objective, then break it down backwards.

Writing down these commitments allows the mind to absorb that this is a serious plan -not just wishful thinking. Sticking to the plan means to keep on reminding ourselves what it is we want to achieve. Make the achievement a mantra, and work at them daily, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes. Get compound effect on your side. The more time spent, the faster and bigger changes will be. They will – just try it and see!