oopsThe new year is almost upon us. Many of you will make new resolutions to change your live’s for 2012. Here is my advice for making this year the best ever:

Be OK with Screwing up!

It’s better to fail your way to perfection than to perfect your way to failure.

Don’t worry so much about HOW things get done. Just take some action and then look at the results. If the results are what you had hoped for, then keep doing what you’re doing. if they are not, then try something different.

You will probably find that you have just as many successes as failures. Don’t beat yourself up for things that may not have worked as expected. We often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. With mistakes comes growth. Don’t be stopped by “Analysis Paralysis”. Decide what it is want for 2012. Decide on one action to take. Then get busy.

Remember… if you’re not falling once in a while, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

Happy Holidays and may 2012 be the most Screwed up and Successful Ever!