regretsDon’t have regrets; make good memories now

Many people get to the end of their lives and wish they had done certain things or lived their lives a particular way. However it is possible to take control of your future and live life in a way which will create good memories. Here are five ways to start building a future without regrets:

  1. Take action
    Do not put things off till tomorrow. If you want to have a life you can look back on and be proud of then start living it today. Once you start achieving your goals and living life the way you want to the positive effects from that will create a cycle of virtue that permeates every element of your life.
  2. What are your real priorities?
    Imagine you are looking back on your life and think about which elements you will be proud of and which parts you will wish you had spent less time and energy on. Not everyone wants to be a company CEO or Nobel Prize winner. Most people say they would simply like to have spent more time with their loved ones. So change the way you organize your life to ensure you spend your time on what is really important to you.
  3. Live in the here and now
    Try not to live in the past or get too caught up in ideas of what the future may hold. By engaging with what is around you, in the moment and identifying real opportunities you can prevent getting caught in a cycle of wishful living, where you are waiting for the “perfect” scenario.
  4. Get some help and help other people
    One of the most difficult things to do is ask for help when you need some, but most of us rely on people around us to support us with what we do. If you find your friends, colleagues or family are not providing the support you need, or you just need a bit more specialist advice, then find a professional who can help. Life coaches, therapists and professional role models are there to guide you forward and it is not a sign of weakness to enlist their help. Conversely helping other people is one of the best ways to improve your outlook, give you some perspective and bring positive outcomes into your life. Look for opportunities to volunteer, help out a neighbor or work with a charity and you may discover a range of new skills and opportunities you had no idea existed!
  5. Enjoy yourself
    By looking for ways to have fun and be positive about whatever you are doing you may find you need make very few changes to your life but can still begin living the life you want, today. A change of perspective can sometimes help identify where the fun and enjoyment can be found in your life. By doing something life-affirming and making a contribution to society it is often possible to see the positive things you bring to others and discover pleasure from the simple things in life.