Profitable Public Speaking!We come finally to our fifth strategy for picking the perfect speaking topic: It has to be profitable. The most important aspect of this is that it has to be profitable for you and it also has to be profitable for the people who are listening to you. It needs to be a win-win experience for all.

People have possibly paid money to come and hear you talk and if nothing else, they have invested time and interest in hearing you speak. They need to leave feeling they have profited. In addition, you need to leave knowing it was well worth the effort, preparation, and sweat that went into your speech. You need to know that your business will grow from this investment.

The Goal and the Heartbeat

So when you are designing your talk, stay focused on the overall purpose of your presentations: to generate sales and revenue. Obviously, making money and profit is the main goal for every business.

However, it is also important to stay focused on the main heartbeat of your business. If you want to make a profit, if you want to earn a tremendous income, you are going to need to help a lot of people. Benefiting other people has to be the main heartbeat of all your business activity. You earn money and profits through the service you offer. The more people you aim to serve the more money you will earn.

The Net Result

When selecting your perfect topic, think about, “How is my audience going to profit and how will I profit from this?” What is the net result that you want for yourself? What is your bottom line? Perhaps it is financial, maybe it is spiritual, or perhaps it is just a desire to give back out of gratitude. Each one of these bottom lines is an area in which you will profit. Some are monetary gains and some are spiritual.

Also, consider how your audience will profit from your speech. How are they going to grow? What are they going to learn? How will their lives change because they came to listen to you? You want to make it a win-win investment for all sides involved.

In Summary

When you are selecting your topic, you have to pick the perfect one and you will succeed in that by remembering the five keys.

  1. It has to be plausible. You have to present yourself as the expert and it has to be believable.
  2. It needs to be popular. It should be something they want or a current or pressing topic.
  3. It should be relevant to current circumstances and economic climates.
  4. Choose something personal to you and try to construct it so that it is also personal to the people listening.
  5. It needs to be profitable not only for you but for those listening to you.

When you can meet all of these requirements, your involvement in public speaking becomes a win-win experience for you, for your business, and for everybody you are reaching with your message. Everybody benefits!