Imagine that you own an apartment building with 10 floors and that you can stay in any apartment that you want. Now pretend that is Friday night and you decide that although you are very hungry, you don’t feel like cooking.

What do you do?

If you’re like me you might just order a pizza.

And not just any pizza; you want it all, mushrooms, peppers, extra cheese, sausage, meatballs, spinach, onions, garlic, plenty of sauce and what ever else you can think of. No expense will be spared. The only limits on your pizza are the limits of your appetite.

So you call your favorite pizza delivery place and place your order for the “SUPREMO” with the works and tell the to deliver to the penthouse on the 10th floor. (Yes, I said the penthouse. Remember, you own the building.)  They say it will be there in 30 minutes or it will be free.

And then you wait.

Now 30 minutes may not seem like a lot of time…….but when you’re hungry, it can be an ETERNITY!.

10 minutes into the wait, instead of thinking about how delicious the pizza is going to taste and how much you are going to enjoy it, you focus on the grumblings of your stomach. Then, in a moment of divine inspiration, you rationalize that if you go down to the 9th floor the pizza delivery guy will be able to get there even faster.

15 minutes into the wait you start thinking why does a pizza have to take 30 minutes anyway.  You do some quick “figuring”:  3 minutes to prep, 10 minutes to cook, and since the restaurant is just around the corner 5 minutes for delivery.  According to your calculations you estimate that it should only take 18 minutes total. Now your wondering: “ why should I have to wait the other 12 minutes?” and you’re starting to get a little annoyed. Then it hits you; if moving down 1 floor to speed up the process was a good idea, moving down another one is even better. And so you move down to the 8th floor.

20 minutes from the time you placed the call your mind is spinning with thoughts of why you don’t have you pizza yet. Maybe they are taking care of all the people who are actually at the pizza shop before the handle their takeout orders (like they were more deserving than you). You’re beginning to doubt your decision to have the pie delivered instead of just walking around the corner to get it yourself.  So, to speed up the process even more, you decide to move down to the 7th floor.

25 minutes into the wait you are a hungry, doubting, annoyed, mess. You are certain that the only reason that you don’t have you dinner yet is because the pizza delivery guy chose to deliver to everyone else on his list before you. And on top of that you are convinced that your pizza is going to be cold and soggy by the time you get. You are also absolutely sure that everyone involved with your pizza order is screwing you over. But you will outsmart them. You will foil their diabolical plan to ruin your dinner by moving down to the 1st floor thus making the delivery route as short as possible. And for your revenge, you will tell all your friends not to eat there and the pizza delivery guy will not be getting a tip.

At 30 minutes, you are sitting in your 1st floor apartment with a seething demeanor, a grumbling rumbling stomach and NO PIZZA!

The unfortunate thing though, is that the pizza guy was knocking on the penthouse door with your pizza 13 minutes ago.  They had made great time. In actuality they had even beaten your best estimates by 1 minute.

But when you ordered the pizza, you were on the top floor. Now you are on the first floor. It is true that you had shortened the delivery route by moving down to the 1st floor. The problem of course though, is that the restaurant tried to deliver your pizza with works to the apartment you placed the order form.


Now let’s think about how the universe operates.

Isn’t it true that if given the choice, We want it all: Great relationships, fantastic finances, jobs that we love, family that we care about and that cares about us as well, love, happiness, fulfillment, the great feeling that comes from helping others. In other words, we want “The Works”.  I say: “if your going to live, live big. Go ahead, order the “SUPREMO”! Live life at a “10”.

I believe that this is exactly what most people want for themselves. I also believe that we live in an abundant universe.  The only limitations in this world are the ones we place on ourselves. Our lives are only as great, or as miserable, as the thoughts we choose to entertain about them.

This is illustrated by the physical principle of “Entrainment” described by the 17th century physicist Christian Huygens.

Entrainment is the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume the same period.

Now for those of you who don’t speak “physics” let me explain.

You can think of Entrainment as a kind of “Energetic” peer pressure.

When different types of energy meet, they feel awkward. They don’t really get along. Like most people I know if given the choice the Energies just want to fit in.

Ideally, and this is key, the energies would prefer to hang out with “their own Kind”. For instance a “Level 10” would prefer to hang out with another “Level 10” and a “Level 9” would prefer to hang out with another “Level 9” and so on. That’s what makes them the most comfortable.

From this physical principle we discover the secret to having everything that you desire in life by following this one simple rule of thumb:

“Like Attracts Like”.

If you want a “level 10” life, you have to have “Level 10” thoughts.

If you want the “SUPREMO” of life you have to think “SUPREMO”.

Right now you may be thinking: “It can’t be that simple. Can it?”

The answer to your question is: “Yes, it is in fact that simple.”

Just because it is simple though, does not necessarily mean that it is easy. If it was, everyone would live in mansions, have jobs they love, relationships they cherish, and all their wishes come true.

At some point in their lives, I believe that each and every one of the roughly 6 billion people on this planet sends out their own personal “Level 10” request, a “SUPREMO” topped just the way they like it. They obviously must have inside of them the type “Level 10” thinking they need to attract the “SUPREMO” into their lives; otherwise, the idea would never have occurred to them.

They send out the request and then they wait.

This is where the problems begin.

The Universe has its own time frame for answering your request.

Unfortunately, it is often longer than we would like. Sometimes it can feel like an eternity, and let’s face it; you are hungry for the good life “NOW”.  So instead of focusing on the results you want, you begin to focus on how to get there faster, and as you do your energy (and attractive power) drops to a “Level 9”.

Still pretty good except that at a “Level 9” you lose a bunch of toppings off  your “SUPREMO”.

Next, instead of focusing on the things you want, you begin to focus on the things that you haven’t got and how things “COULD” have been and how quickly you “SHOULD” have gotten them. And as you do your energy (and your attractive power) drops another level. There goes the extra cheese.

Around now, you begin to doubt that tasting the “SUPREMO” is even possible for you. You start thinking that the “SUPREMO” is out of your league.  That maybe you are not worthy of the “SUPREMO”. And as you entertain those thoughts, your energy (and your attractive power) level drops again and brings you down to “LEVEL 7”.

It begins to dawn on you around now that you will not be getting the “SUPREMO” you had hoped for way back when.

With the type of energy you are now putting into the universe you are attracting a very mediocre pizza. Instead of the Mega Size “SUPREMO” your energy is now calling to order (i.e. attracting) a plain medium cheese pie called the “BLAND-O”. It’s not terrible, but it’s not very good either, just average.

There is nothing wrong with the “BLAND-O”. It is a very nutritious slice of life. It will sustain all of your basic needs. It just isn’t very exciting.

Truth be told, most people are quite content eating the “BLAND-O” their entire lives.

But there are some who are very unhappy with the slice of “BLAND-O” they have been served. They are convinced that someone else is responsible for the unsatisfying food they are forced to eat every day.  They become envious and resentful of those that are “living the good slice”, and as they do their energy (and their attractive power) drops a few more levels. They have arrived at the 1st floor where they all gather together to commiserate with one another as they force down their tomato sauce on toast.

Meanwhile, back at “LEVEL 10”, where the orders were originally placed, there are roughly 6 Billion “SUPREMOs” waiting to be claimed. The unfortunate thing is that there were very few people who managed to stay focused enough and positive enough for long enough to still be at “LEVEL 10” when the “SUPREMOs” finally arrived.

In case you were wondering, your “SUPREMO” is still waiting for you at “LEVEL 10”. It is still piping hot with the crust is just the way you ordered it and it has all the toppings you have ever dreamed of.

Keys To Claiming Your “SUPREMO”:

•    Maintain Positive Thoughts even when (especially when) things don’t seem to be going your way.
•    Focus on your dreams- Avoid being distracted by things that won’t lead you where you want to go.
•    Act in accordance with your higher desires – trust that you are worthy and that you can make the right decisions.
•    Enjoy the Journey – Remember; it’s the downs as well as the ups that make a roller coaster fun to ride).
•    Be patient – Allow yourself the chance to be great

By the way, since it took longer than 30 minutes to get there…It’s Free.

© Dennis Cummins, Total Health Training 2010