kaizeneticsThe thing that people fear most is change and the bigger the change, the bigger the fear that they face. The problem with fear however, is that it creates resistance and all kinds of problems that you need to battle through in order to reach your goals. It is a destructive force. If you take the principle of kaizenetics, if you are focusing on the negatives and are full of fear, you will attract negative things, problems and obstacles. So fear is a negative force.

Now, the beauty of the principle of Kaizenetics is that it is implemented through small changes. Most people resist making big changes in their lives, but with the principle of kaizenetics, you first decide what you want, you identify your vision and then you break it down into small actionable steps that you can take to bring it to pass. As you make those steps, you constantly review the actions you are taking, keeping your goal in mind, and you make slight changes along the way as needed.

Small Steps Daily

It is easy to implement small actions on a daily basis it does not create a lot of conflict or upheaval. Those kinds of changes stay, because they did not disrupt your day-to-day routine too much. However, that one small change starts a ripple effect that grows and increases. In a way, those small steps are like small stresses you are inflicting on yourself and your daily routine, but it helps you avoid hitting a wall of resistance within your own mind and body at embracing the change.

Nobody enjoys stress and the majority of people will consciously go out of their way to avoid stress. Nobody really wants to face their fear, or to have to face challenging situations. Our minds love being comfortable, being in control, knowing what to expect. Our minds look for the easy way out.

Resistance And Fear

So when you confront the body or confront the mind with an opportunity for radical change, the mind goes “Whoa, not for me that is a little spooky, I don’t want to do it” and subconsciously it searches for ways to sabotage the plan in order to avoid the stress and change that you now face.

At the heart of it, it is fear. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, even fear of the journey. Applying the principle of kaizenetics however, allows you to set up small incremental steps, so the fear mechanism never kicks in. The red flag never goes up and so your mind finds it easier to accept the change and accept the new habit you need to build.

Taking the example of exercise we used in a previous article, and applying the small action of one jumping jack a day, your mind says, “Hey, one jumping jack – I can do that. One small change – I can do that.” It is achievable! Moreover, because it is achievable, implementing those changes is relatively easy to maintain.