set goalsAfter you have set your plan, and started implementing the changes you are going to make, the fourth step is to set your goals. Give your dreams, your visions for your life a deadline. When will you accomplish these things in your life?

Create Smart Goals

You need to create smart goals. Not intelligent goals but smart goals and the first step to doing that is that one, they need to be specific goals. What changes are you going to make? You may know the long-term goal you want to accomplish a year from now, but you need to set goals for this month, this week, even today. What specifically are you going to do today?

Create Measurable Goals

They need to be measurable goals so that by that deadline, you can see if you accomplished it. If your goal is to do one jumping jack a day, that is a measurable goal. If you want to be happier today, how will you measure whether you achieved that goal? Will you measure it by how many times you smile? By simply relying on your memory, that you remember you were happy today? However, you choose, you need to be able to measure what it is you are trying to accomplish and whether you have achieved it.

Create Attainable Goals

Thirdly, your goal needs to be attainable. You have to believe that you can do this. If you are a man, you cannot change yourself into a woman simply by thinking about it. It would be impossible to accomplish. If you are a frog, you cannot just turn into an elephant by wishing it, it will not happen. So, is it something within the realm of reality or possibility?

Aside from the impossibilities just mentioned, in reality, anything is possible for anyone to achieve. The question is– do you believe you can accomplish it? It is your belief that is important. As discussed in an earlier article, you can choose your destiny.

In general, people can choose in an instant what they want in life and what is achievable to them. Unfortunately, people are just as quick to de-select their destiny and decide what is impossible for them in life.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right” and that is absolutely true. If you believe that you can have this, if you select that destiny for yourself, you can have it. If you believe you cannot– if you de-select that destiny– then you won’t have it because you will generate those negative waves of doubt. If you believe you can have what you desire or achieve your goals, you will attract opportunities to accomplish that and get to your goal. If you believe it is impossible, then you will attract obstacles and roadblocks that will stop you from getting there. It’s basic physics.

Create Achievable Goals

Next, your goals need to be realistic and achievable. That is why Kaizenetics works so well, because you set small incremental easy steps which will guarantee that you succeed. Have you heard the expression, success breeds success? The better you get at doing something, the easier it is and the more you will succeed in that realm. The more you succeed in accomplishing small goals, the more goals you will accomplish. That is the beauty of Kaizenetics. It helps you set realistic, achievable goals that breed success and accelerate you to your end goal or destination.

Set A Timeframe

Finally, you need to set a timeframe and this is the last part of the smart goal setting system. You need to have timeframes for each of your steps and that way you know if you are staying on track. If your goal is to simply do one jumping jack a day, that’s a great start, but when will you do it? Are you going to do one now, tomorrow, or in three weeks time? If you simply say, “at some point” that usually means never. So you need to set time frames and then you can review your goals and the progress you are making on a regular basis.

So in summary your smart goals need to be specific, they need to be measurable and attainable. You need to have a clear focus and believe in yourself because you will tap into the Law of Entrainment, the Law of Attraction, which will work on your behalf to attract further opportunities. Your goals need to be realistic and you need to set a timeframe by which you will achieve them.