reward yourselfThe sixth step in kaizenetics is to reward yourself for your achievements.

By rewarding yourself, you reinforce the positive changes you have made in your life and you set the stage for further accomplishments and success. Not everything you try along your journey to your goal is going to be wonderful, easy, or successful. Some of it will actually seem like work.

The whole point of kaizenetics is to break it down into such small steps, that you hardly notice that you are implementing something new. It should be such a small step that it becomes automatic. At that point the change becomes unstoppable and the habit becomes a natural part of your daily routine. It is then an automatic action that’s then unstoppable because it is ingrained in you.

Reward The Behavior You Desire

You’re going to be making some better choices and doing some phenomenal things for yourself. It’s important that you reward yourself for that and for the sense of accomplishment you are gaining. Reward the behavior you desire.

With children, this principle is always effective. When they do what you asked them to do, or expected them to do, you then affirm them. “Good boy! Thank you for doing that” and they will want be twice as quick to do it again next time. In the same way, as was discussed in the articles on communication in small businesses, showing gratitude to your customers is important. Thanking them for their purchase ensures loyalty to your businesses. Why not use this principle on yourself?

Meet Your Hunger For Recognition

Give yourself a big pat on the back and say, “Hey, nice job. You have been doing a terrific job. Keep it up. You are phenomenal. You are going to hit your goals in no time at all.” By acknowledging the effort you have made towards your goals, in implementing changes in your life, it feeds the hunger everybody has to be recognized. Every one of us loves to be acknowledged for a job well done. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t like a good pat on the back?

So you need to give yourself a pat on the back along the way, not just by acknowledging your efforts ,but also by actually rewarding yourself. Do something nice for yourself, whether it is giving yourself a massage, going to a movie, going out to the theater or on a date. Whatever it is that you enjoy or is a treat for you- maybe even taking a vacation or trip- but do something as a reward for a job well done and make it part of your plan.

Then you will be setting up a vibration of appreciation, acknowledging your efforts and that will continue to attract more opportunities and more rewards for yourself.