successThe key to success is to have a good balance of drive and ambition with humility and compassion. The brash, self-promoting, materialistic view of success that is often seen through the media is not likely to provide the fulfillment that most people are looking for. However calm, thoughtful, considerate confidence which empowers people to help themselves and their community enables individuals to overcome personal barriers and work well with others.

Believe in yourself

Some people find it hard to take on a new challenge without fear and anxiety overcoming their desire for change. Others experience difficulties in achieving personal goals which discourage them from persisting. If you find it hard to be positive about your chances of succeeding at something then it can help to change your perspective. Be purposeful and do not let past experiences or frustration distract you. If you experience anxiety then try relaxation techniques or get some help from friends or family who are positive and can offer support. If you are still finding it difficult to find the confidence to reach your goals in life then enlist some professional help and consult a coach or therapist to help you discover your self-belief.

No need for narcissism

There is a big difference between the type of self-confidence which enables people to achieve in life and the type of confidence shown by people with narcissistic personalities. People who exhibit narcissism are usually self-obsessed, show little concern for other people, have a sense of entitlement and have an unrealistic view of their own abilities. This type of over-confidence often results in failed relationships and an inability to work well with other people. Try not mistake the outward appearance of confidence with genuine qualities for success.

Review and move on

It always helps to take time out, step back from what you are doing and reflect on progress so far. By checking if you are still on-course you can take control of your personal growth and development. If things are going to plan reward yourself and feel pride in a job going well. If things have shifted and you have been knocked off-course or distracted then you have a chance to get back on track. If you are unhappy with what you have achieved so far do not get preoccupied with regrets or guilt. Make a decision to draw a line under any negative experiences and move on with your plans.

Compassion and perspective

By treating the people around you with compassion and respect you demonstrate a form of mature confidence which elicits respect in return. It may sometimes seem as if people get what they want by treading on others and belittling their work. However this approach does not encourage people to feel good about themselves or the culture they are operating in. By taking a calm, thoughtful and considerate approach to your relationships with other people you will feel good about yourself and encourage a culture of respect around you. To develop a sense of compassion and patience in dealing with others it can help to get a different perspective. By helping less fortunate people you can benefit from greater insight and a broader view of the world. Working for a charity, community project or offering your time as a volunteer can help you discover new skills while expanding your horizons and getting a better perspective on your own skills and life experiences.