The first step in creating an outstanding relationship with your customers is to simply listen to them. That may seem like a simple thing to do, but so often we get so caught up in sharing what we have to offer and what our product is that we forget to take the time to listen to what it is that our customers, the people that are walking through our doors, really want.

For example, in my chiropractic businesses, I know what services I can render. I know what I think that I’m going to do but it’s so important, in the medical field especially, to listen to the patient’s complaints or concerns. The necessity to be focused on their concerns and complaints can be carried over to any business whether it be in the technological, merchandising, or informational arena. Specifically look at what it is that the customer wants to have. Can you hear them through, over, and above what you want to put out there? All businesses know what they have to offer, but do you know what your customers want and does what you have to offer equal what they need?

I truly believe that you need to be of service, and in order to do so you really have to know what it is that they want. To effectively do that, listen to their needs.