Once you listen to your customers’ needs, you have to let them know that you can help them. It is important to make them realize that you understand their problem by letting them know that you heard them.


Sometimes that’s as simple as just repeating what you heard them say. “If I understand correctly, these are your needs” and summarizing what you heard. Then after you clarify what you heard, a great strategy to use is to ask, “Is that correct?” They will tell you whether or not you’ve summarized it correctly and then you can ask, “Is there anything else?” This will help you discover if they have any additional problems or concerns. This is an opportunity to re-listen; to reiterate what you heard them say. What may be holding them back? What do they perceive as drawbacks? What are the things that could stop them? What are their obstacles? What is their budget? What is their desired outcome? All of these things are very important for businesses to know, but often businesses are more focused on their own business rather than the needs of the people that they are designed to serve.